And they’re the ones who are supposed to be good at it.

Australian’s blindly believe that LNP Governments are better at managing the economy than Labor when there is ample evidence that the opposite is true.

Uncategorically THIS LNP Government is destroying our economy.

Here’s the 3 reason why…

1. We Need To Save the Bush and Do it Now

The bush is HURTING now. NOW!
I thought the Liberal National Government was supposed to be on the side of the farmers?

And what about the NSW State Government? Surely time to divert that $2Billion+ on sports stadiums to drought relief?

The $500m announced is not the immediate relief needed on the ground.

Where is the help? Where is the compassion. This drought has the potential to wipe out whole communities.

We can’t sit idly by and let this happen to our own people because we’re scared drought relief might be seen as a subsidy.

Only a week ago I was arguing “This is a complex issue – there are no easy solutions”.  Now I see there is a need for instant action.

This is a country that can mobilise our defence forces within days for overseas disaster relief.  Where are the airlifts of food, the army with tankers of water, the air force dropping feed for starving animals, the highly funded relief agencies getting food and counselling and clothes on the ground.  And the monetary relief from debt?

This is what the LNP are supposed to be good at.  Managing our economy and helping the country.

When will we learn?

If our food bowl turns to dust we won’t just have the problem of broken farming families we will have a genuine geo-bio-political issue.   Can you imagine Australia not being able to feed itself and the famines we see on TV happening here?

2. Banks Need To Start Lending Again

If the money stops flowing the country will fall into a massive recession. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the banks have stopped lending. Why? Because of the frame of reference of the Royal Commission.

I actually have no beef with the big banks. I know they needed to be reigned in but if they stop lending our property market will freeze then fall then stagnate for 5 years. And that will HURT a lot of Australians.

Surely there’s a way to turn back on the lending tap without encouraging the bad practices of the past?

3. We Need to Create a Sustainable Future

We need to stop the debate about “clean coal” and “green power” and restart the conversation about “best power”.

The simple fact is while ever we think that Solar Power (for example) is some type of hippy conspiracy then we will not invest in a sustainable future.

We don’t need to subsidise big power.  We just need to get solar panels on the roof of every home in Australia.  Then the everyday Australian can be free of big power and generate their own electricity free from the sun.

If business wants to keep supporting their own then they can buy power from big energy but I’m pretty certain that will force the hand of the rest.

That way Australia can have a sustainable energy future and free up about $3,000 per household per year to spend on stuff to provide jobs and what not.

Even John Hewson, former leader of the party recognises this is an electoral requirement, not fluffy “green think”, “The clear message from recent elections here and across Europe and North America is that voters want governments to be honest, to govern with transparency, to meet challenges and solve problems in the national interest.”

When it comes the the matters that really concern every day people – cost of living, childcare, education, health and energy costs they want their government to come up with sustainable solutions, not just tax cuts for business.  And on the big issues they are seeking authentic leadership.

We’re not seeing a lot of that at all.

And worse still they are letting an emboldened Shorten run the national agenda, so even if they were wowing us with their foresight they don’t have the mandate to implement because nobody knows who to believe.

When Will We Learn?     

When Turnbull was elected I was one of his greatest advocates.  But even I am wondering is Tony wouldn’t have done a better job of this?

If these three issues are not addressed immediately Australia risks sliding into the massive recession we narrowly missed after the GFC.

God Help Australia.



Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

© Copyright: 2018 Peter Spann – All rights reserved


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