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The Magic of Compounding

Knowing that my wealthy friend would expect me to look the part I bought the snazziest pair of tweed pants, bright shirt and beret with a pom pom on it that I could find.  I wasn’t quite sure whether I looked like a pro or a pimp, and as…

The Key to Wealth Part 2 – Knowledge Applied

In my book "Wealth Magic" I explain the Key to Wealth - Knowledge Applied. In my property book, "How You Could Build a $10Million Property Portfolio in Just Ten Years" I expand on the topic.  Here is an extract for you.  You can find…
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5 Great TED talks and what they taught me (about presenting) 

by Peter Spann 18 minutes isn't long but TED talks have made a massive difference in that time. If you are not familiar you get 18 minutes to give the "speech of your life". And they are very strict on that time limit.  And they are renowned…

Don’t Delay

Don't delay acting on a good idea.  Chances are that somebody else has thought of it too.  Success come to the one who acts first. - Peter Spann 


What you put out is what you get back.  The more ideas you have, and the more enthusiastic you are, the more attractive and interesting you become. - Quote from "Little Pot of Gold" by Peter Spann


If people give up their uniqueness, they give up their lives to the soulless task of fitting in. - Quote from "Little Pot of Gold" by Peter Spann