Peter Spann 2020 Birthday

Peter Spann 2020 Birthday

The weather outside matches my mood inside. It’s broody and raining with an intensity that’s trying to say something. The mysterious wind pushing and pulling and raging wanting to be heard.  Howling on the edges of buildings lifting…
Peter Spann ConcordePeter Spann

What if this was the last time?

For some people death comes at the end of a long and happy life, without pain, with preparedness and with an abundance of love and friendship. For many others death is sudden, inelegant and devastating to those left behind. While I was…
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I Don’t Want to Die

“I don’t want to die!” screamed Robert at a decibel level that shook the entire ward. Bob was now convinced that the doctors were trying to kill him through the air-conditioning and by not giving him the drugs (he thought) he needed. I…
Sydney Opera House by Ethan Ou on UnsplashEthan Ou
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Sydney Personal Favourites

Sydney is my favourite city in the world. It has amazing experiences for travellers and locals alike. The trick to Sydney is getting deep into it and trying to be there an experience it like a local. Here are my tips: Eat! Australia…
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Love Reflections

Love...  What do I know of love? What can I say that you have not already experienced for yourselves or have far greater insights on than me? And the answer is simply, “nothing”. Love is the one and only universal experience. Love is…

Anxious Millennials

Anxious Millennials are Everywhere. Millennials are an anxious lot. I understand. I suffer my fair share of anxiety these days. And when you couple that with the rise in suicide it starts to become a real problem.  The overall suicide…
Peter Spann 2018 Update© Peter Spann 2018

Peter Spann 2018 Update So Far

Here's my Peter Spann 2018 Update So Far Peter Spann 2018 has been a very busy year so far. Early in the year I took a moment to evaluate.  If you follow along these posts you will know the most important thing in my life is my friends. …
Peter Spann 2017 reflections

Peter Spann 2017 Reflections

So, Peter Spann 2017 - I really feel its been a turnaround year for me. I have been feeling healthy, been a lot happier, been getting good results with my clients and made two films. So definitely progress. 2011 to 2016 were just one…
Australia Day #changethedate

Goodbye Australia Day #changethedate

Artist: Mona Mckenzie  Represented by Jitta Art Anyone who knows me knows I love being Australian and, in the past, celebrating Australia Day. I mean it stands for something, doesn’t it? Larrikinism, mateship, openness, generosity,…

Fear and Loathing in Brisvegas*

One of the goals I have set for myself while I spend some time at the beach is to get (finally) a first draft of a novel out. I’ve had a few cracks at it in the past but never gotten further than about 10,000 words on 5 different ideas. …