For a quality, non-biased, and dynamic education on success strategies you can’t go past Peter Spann.

Peter Spann’s Popular Presentations

Dream, Believe, Do!

This is Peter’s signature presentation on success and motivation. Popular for conferences and large motivational sessions, Peter tells his inspiring story of how he started as a checkout operator and went on to be a multi-millionaire. Ideally this presentation runs for 2 hours. (This presentation also generally produces the most book sales for promoters)

Promoters profit big time with Peter Spann!

Peter Spann’s speaking achievements are many.   With over 20 years of experience more than 270,000 people have heard him speak and he has generated in excess of $56 million dollars in revenue for his promoters since 1995.   He has spoken to audiences as large as 55,000.

His book “From Broke to Multimillionaire in just 7 Years” published by Harper Collins has been translated into 9 languages. Audience members love buying the book (more sales and profits for you), it is an easy read and Peter is happy to do signing sessions.

Additional Benefits to Promoters with Peter Spann as Guest Presenter 

  • Peter is not prolific – you will have a certain degree of exclusivity.
  • Peter picks and chooses his speaking engagements based on the quality of the promoters, the likely audience and things such as venues and schedules.
  • He is independently wealthy and while he enjoys speaking tremendously, he will not take just any engagement.
  • He will be an exciting addition to any conference, seminar or motivational program.

Book Peter Spann now and be prepared to be amazed!

Further information on Peter Spann, his seminars, success stories and investing outlook can be requested at


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