Here’s my Peter Spann 2018 Update So Far

Peter Spann 2018 has been a very busy year so far.

Early in the year I took a moment to evaluate.  If you follow along these posts you will know the most important thing in my life is my friends.  Followed close behind by making Peter Spann films and everything else behind that.



Peter Spann 2018 was going to be about taking a step back and finding a way through the very tough film industry in this country.  To find a way that I might be able to make films and actually get paid for it.

This was going to be about the little nut (because being in film making is crazy) who held his ground.

Peter Spann 2018 – The 3 Step Plan

  1. Find a way to earn money standing behind a camera.
  2. Be in the right place for that to happen.
  3. Look after my health.

Peter Spann 2018 – Phase 1 – Getting Going

You might be surprised to know that I haven’t really earned much in the last 5 years.

And the funniest thing is I didn’t have a big stash when I left financial services.  Que Sera Sera – time to move on.

Due to my commitments to film school and my health I have not been in a position to work as hard as I used to, even if I wanted to.

But if I am going to fund my films I needed to find a way to do that.  So I have turned my hand back to the thing I was probably most successful in my career – marketing.


Peter Spann 2018 Update

Brand Stories

So I been filming brand stories and I am enjoying it.




A Little Trip to Hawaii

One of the fun things about being a director is it may not pay much (or at all) but you do get to do some fun things.

A good friend Ellie Gonsalves wanted to shoot some promo videos for her Best Friend Movement.

She has me at bikinis and Hawaii.  Now that was a fun trip.  And we got some great footage.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” I thought, “To get paid to do that?”



So if you have a business which could do with great lead flow, better SEO and more profits click here to go to Peter Spann Business to find out more about the work I do.

Peter Spann 2018 – Film

It’s easy to look at the budgets for films and understand why they are so expensive.  Just sit at the end of the film and count how many people are involved in the film and imagine for a second how much it might cost to employ, transport, feed, house, equip and keep happy all those people.

It’s a mighty expensive business.

For most people at the beginning of their career film making is a work of passion.  We certainly don’t get paid.  Heck we pay in cash, blood, seat and tears and then we hope, dream, pray, beg that someone will watch our films and notice our talent.

Until then it’s a lonely, cash draining “business”.  So all my spare shekels go into making films.  My friends get hit up to help through crowd funding campaigns, locations to film, food to feed, and anything else they can put their hands on to help.


So the Peter Spann 2018 film so far has been Sydney.

Peter Spann 2018 "Sydney" Poster

This is a deeply personal film.

The script poured out of me at 2am in the morning and I scratched, scraped, called in favours and did everything else I could to get it made.

Drawing on the talents of my favourite actress Jacqui Purvis and adding to the cast Damien Strouthos and the incredibly talented Georgia Scott, “Sydney” will be a beautiful but dark film about the damage we do to the ones we love.

Peter Spann 2018 "Sydney" Short Film

Jacqui plays Callie a self destructive party girl on a mission.  Callie will do anything she can to win regardless of the trail of destruction she wreaks.

While not as ambitious in scale as a project like Undertow it is, none the less, a demonstration of my progress as a Director.

It’s in post production and will be released to film festivals in late 2018.

Peter Spann 2018 "Sydney"

Peter Spann 2018 – Health

If you know me you’ll know my health has been an increasing issue in my life.

The good news is the most severe of my health problems are now under control.

Let’s face it we never really know how long we have but I am determined to make sure I get as long as I can.

So I’ve been eating well, moving around and trying to stay healthy.

It hasn’t been easy.  Strangely the biggest threat to my health I think is my depression.  Yeah, heart failure can kill you but depression leads to negative thoughts and behaviours which are not good for your health, mind or body.



It does help to be around healthy people and to be editing a lot of health videos.  The message does sink in.  Stay tuned.

I am very much looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my friends.

Peter Spann 2018 – Get ’em Here!

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Look after yourself, stay young, stay happy.


Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

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