Today, according to my junk emails I:

  • Have $10,000 waiting to be deposited into my account;
  • Won a $500 gift voucher from Woolworths for completing a 5 minute survey which included giving my bank account details (for the deposit of course);
  • I need a new Medicare supplemental account;
  • Have sensitive teeth;
  • Am one of 50 People to be granted “Private Access” – to what is unclear;
  • Am diabetic;
  • Have a smiley from Tania in Russia;
  • Have a substance abuse problem that I can been treated for over the internet;
  • Should start dating Latino women because they love guys like me;
  • Should think about moving to a retirement facility;
  • Need to invest in Solar because Obama has done it again (someone should tell them!);
  • Can get a great deal on Arthritis medication;
  • Have won access to a brand-new money generating app (also requiring bank account details);
  • Have erectile dysfunction;
  • Have $749,999 in Fidelity Life Insurance to be paid out to me (very odd number);
  • Need a new roof;
  • And need a knee brace;

And they are just the interesting ones!

Ain’t life grand?

What amazes me with all this is how many people could possibly respond to any of this?  I mean it is so obviously fake.

I do occasionally get emails that look like they are from my bank.  They are very professional and I can understand how people might get trapped by them but not these stupid phishing emails.

I guess the percentage response doesn’t need to be large.  I they get only a fraction of a percent they’d probably be rich.

If you have the time and could be bothered you can forward phishing emails to — and to the company, bank, or organization impersonated in the email. Your report is most effective when you include the full email header, but most email programs hide this information.

Or you can go to Scam Watch and report it.

I’m not sure what happens when they get there?  Maybe they click on the link.  That’d at least explain where some of our tax payer dollars go!

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