Love…  What do I know of love? What can I say that you have not already experienced for yourselves or have far greater insights on than me?

And the answer is simply, “nothing”. Love is the one and only universal experience.

Love is the very essence of life itself.


The very act of creating life is the act of making love.

We come from love and return to love.

Our life’s purpose is to love and be loved in return.

An even deeper expression of love is to be in love – the highest order of love. The fusion of deep respect, everlasting friendship and extraordinary passion.

It has been said that you should not marry somebody you can live with, rather marry somebody you can not live without.

What would the world be without love?

An empty, lonely place devoid of purpose or meaning.

It is love that binds us together. It is love that raises us up. It is love that gives us strength.

Wonderful enough to create for us more joy than we can imagine, strong enough to engulf us with sorrow, love is the synthesis of all emotion. The oneness of all time and sense. It is who we are.

Love gives us expression.

Love You

Love lives within us, and no matter how dormant has the ability to deeply impact us.

As life goes on love gives us the power and strength to face our most darkest hours. To survive and possibly thrive through the worst of times. To rise above our own weaknesses. To discover our deepest talents and strengths. To live at our greatest and fullest potential we all need to access our most wonderful love of all – the love we have for ourselves.

Love is the mysterious power that everyone feels but no philosopher can adequately explain and these words do poor justice.

It can leave us restless and quivering, yet smiling from ear to ear.

We all experience love and can love many people, places times and things, but there is a place in our heart that can only be reached by the most special person. The place of in love.

More songs have been written about it, more pages in diaries, more books, more movie scripts, more paintings created then any other topic.

So exquisite is love that…

Love Fire

Men have given up kingdoms for it. Fought wars over it. Died for it.

Women have left family, home and country for it. Suffered extraordinary pain for it, and yes, died for it too.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

And when we find ourselves in-love we forsake all others and commit one and only to each other. It is when we are in-love that we are at our best and most inspired.

Each joyous moment becomes longer, more important and special to us…  Past time more savoury, more enjoyable… Chore becomes more bearable, each sacrifice more noble.

We can live without it but when we have it we need nothing else.

It moves beyond the love shared by friends and family.

A friends love says…

“If you need me I’ll be there.”

True loves says “You’ll never need anything because I will always be there.”

We all want the dream of growing old together. Sitting on our veranda’s together in our rocking chairs quietly holding hands. Life has gone the way of our youth and there is time now for reflection upon what our life has amounted to.

As our grandchildren play on the yard in front of us there time is ahead of them, our time is behind us.

It is at that moment, when we all hope that we are loved our most.

The future for all of us remains the great unknown.

What is known is that the more we love the more we will be loved.

The more of our heart we can give out the more our heart will grow. The more light we allow to shine the more light will shine in us.

And no matter how it ends for us, if it ends with love, our life is worthwhile.



Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

© Copyright: 2018 Peter Spann – All rights reserved

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