The concept of travelling like a local introduced be AirBNB (I think their actual slogan is “belong anywhere”) is stupid to me.


Don’t kid yourself, if you were a local you’d be up at 6am, grabbing a coffee, getting on public transport squeezed in like a sardine going to your job and at the end of the day plonking your sorry arse down hoping your wife is too tired so you can perpetuate the story it’s her fault you’re not having sex anymore and watching Netflix until it’s time to repeat.


I’ve lived overseas and it takes a minimum of 6 to 9 months to live like a local and even then you’re kidding yourself unless you’ve been there for quite some time.


No, what you’re actually doing my touristy friend is not living like a local but very much annoying a local!


You’re standing in their line to buy coffee so they have to get up 10 minutes earlier, you’re clogging their local amenities and drawing even more of your kind with your rabid intsagramming and ironically you’re pushing up rents so locals can’t actually live there.  AND missing out on room service.


So stop pretending you’re a local and get back on the “Big Bus” where you belong.  Nothing wrong with being a “tourist” or even a “traveller” because you travel the world to experience something different.


But don’t think because you’re in an AirBNB and not a hotel you’re somehow magically transformed into a “local”.  Life is pretty much the same the world over.  We go to work and repeat to save up for things like…  Travel.  So we don’t have to live like a local.


And while you’re at it please stop asking me for “local secrets”.  There are none.  In this Social Media age anything interesting has been found, Instagrammed and invaded like everything else.


And let me say for sure, if there WAS a “local secret” you sure as heck ain’t getting it out of me!

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