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Anyone who knows me knows I love being Australian and, in the past, celebrating Australia Day.

I mean it stands for something, doesn’t it?

Larrikinism, mateship, openness, generosity, friendliness, giving a helping hand.

Peter Spann Australia Day

And as mates, if one of us is suffering we do everything we can to help out.

So, as a proud Australian, I want to celebrate everything that is great about being an Aussie but more and more I am tuning in to the suffering of our first people.

This year, while making my documentary “No Shortcuts” I started to get a small glimpse into the fragmentation of lives that these people have suffered at the hands of their fellow Australians.

And as the sun sets over a day of appreciation of the gifts of this great land I no longer think it’s necessary to make one group of our country relive the pain of the past over an arbitrary date.

Surely Australia Day should be for ALL Australians?

For me, sitting on the water watching all the hullabaloo go on around me it no longer made me proud.  It made me sad.

I started to reflect on and give respect to the original custodians of this land and their customs.    Especially the Gadigal people on whose land I live.

I thought about their art, their heritage, their stories and their pain.

Peter Spann Australia Day


I begin to understand the deep connection they have to the land and to their mob.

As an adoptee, I have an understand of what it is like to not know your birth parents, but I cannot know what it was like to be taken against your will from someone who loved you and wanted to care for you.

I mourned for those mothers, those children.

And I felt sad because of the small mindedness of the people, people like me, who undertook those acts of savagery, even if they thought they were doing good.

So, while I struggle with some aspects of our relationship with our indigenous mates, I cannot help but think it is time for a change of date for Australia Day to bring us together as a nation.

If a date change for Australia Day will help us all heal, I’m all for it.

You will never see me at a protest march – I just don’t believe in them.  But this is the last year I will celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January and, I will stand in spirit with my Aboriginal brothers and call it Invasion Day.

In the end, we are all here to stay, and that’s not going to change.  But we have to find a way we can all live in and enjoy the bounty of this great sun drenched land of ours.

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Written by  Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Business Coach | Property Coach | Speaking Coach | Film Maker | Writer | Presenter.

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4 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    You’re a sop, Spann.

    Shame you’ve become captured by politically correct rubbish.

    My grandfather actually suffered as a teenager and from racial persecution in his home country and made a great life for himself here.

    Why should he or me, or others need to kow-tow, or apologise to people he had never hurt, and have never been hurt? You’re fueling the grievance and guilt industry. Grievance is a choice. So is offence taking. My grandfather and millions like him, nor his offspring, have ever sought nor demanded apologies from the racial targeting they endured. Your pandering to the guilt industry gravy train is nauseating.

    Most of these whiners are virtue signalling opportunistic whiners making demands on people have never done them any harm.

    You’re up there with the wealthy out-of-touch celebrity Trump haters with no connection with reality or the silent majority.

    And you supported Hillary.

    And you sub-headlined a pre-US election post:

    Trump can’t keep his promises (even if he wants to)

    So, how’s that prediction looking now?

    Trump has taken action, and made good on his promises from the minute he sat in the Oval office.

    And the sharemarket is heading north.

    You used to be someone worth listening to.


    • Peter Spann
      Peter Spann says:

      In my op-ed piece where I express my view that changing the date of Australia Day would harm no-one, and might make things better for our indigenous population, and turn it into a personal attack on me.
      It has nothing to do with your Grandfather’s suffering or “sucking it up”.
      I did say Trump wouldn’t or couldn’t implement his policies and I also said they wouldn’t work if he did. And despite all his carry on this is looking likely at this point.
      If you’d like to make an actual argument, based on any logic or proof, please go ahead.

    • Paul
      Paul says:

      Trump can’t keep his promises (even if he wants to)
      So, how’s that prediction looking now?

      Pretty accurate now Simon.

  2. Scott Seymour
    Scott Seymour says:

    Let’s not worry about historical facts, it just gets in the way of a being politically correct. What, historically, happened on the 26th Jan. 1788? Well….there was nothing official, a flag was raised and a toast by half a dozen men to the King and the success of the new colony, that’s it. The official reading of the proclamation, whereby Britain ‘claimed’ this continent as it’s own took place on the 7th Feb. 1788, and is well recorded as such. The ‘Invasion’ of this continent began the day the first ship of the First Fleet landed the first people on the shore……on the 18th of Jan. 1788, and by the 20th, all of the ships of the fleet had arrived…….and it is well recorded as such. So the 26th Jan. is not ‘Invasion Day’, and ‘Australia Day’ isn’t a celebration of the arrival of the First Fleet……..Let’s change the date of ‘Invasion Day’ to the correct date….Jan. 18th. and let’s change ‘Australia Day’ to any day of the year because the 26th of Jan. historically signifies nothing in the context of history.


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