Most people would have no idea that I am a 40 year supporter of the Labor Party.


My family were heavy hitting Union members who called each other Comrade, my Uncle a leading member of the Party in Qld. I grew up in the ideology. So much so that over the years I have supported Labor when my financial status well and truly justified me voting Liberal.


I know many Liberal Party members (in fact most of my old friends) but some of my best friends are card carrying Labor members including former MP’s and three former Cabinet Ministers.


Whitlam was a God in my family and we were elevator friends! (In that I used to have an office in the same high rise as his and I used to time my arrival so we would go up in the elevator together and talk (for 3 minutes or so each day) philosophy and what not).   He called me “comrade” too!


I am one of the few people who ardently disliked Howard even though many of his policies added considerably to my wealth.


I warned and warned and warned that Abbott was a moron but nobody cared! (Scroll down on my FB to the election if you don’t believe me).


We got Abbott because people voted Liberal because they “weren’t Labor”.


This is the worst way to get a Government.


Parties should have POLICIES that they stick to and only change under dire circumstances.


Those policies should be transparent to the voters and elucidated in a manner that 99% of people can understand.


That way we can make an actual choice.  Not just vote on ideology or ideas.


But here’s what is a disgrace – Rudd (my local member at the time) / Gillard squandering the greatest opportunity the party had since Hawke / Keeting to set the national agenda and create nation building policy.


Both mistook good intentions for good policy – this led to disasters like the insulation scandal and the Australian Financial Services Reform Act – well-intentioned but so badly written and poorly thought through actually made worse the very things it was designed to prevent leading to the multimillion dollar scandals we’re seeing from the CBA, NAB & ANZ plus more to come.


Let’s look at some of their previous policies…


The NBN was a dumb policy because it nationalised an infrastructure requirement that would have been undertaken by private enterprise anyway (just as it has everywhere else in the world). Labor should have just dealt with the 3% of the country that wouldn’t have gotten it and Liberals shouldn’t have turned it into a joke where only the rich can afford to pay to get the speeds it promised anyway.


The 50% renewables target confuses a “target” with actual policy. Where’s the reduction in subsidies for coal fuel, the funding for home batteries for solar systems, the smart tax that will build the world’s largest solar farm and give the entire country free electricity (or even super cheap power like Tassie has due to its hydro)???


Marriage Equality – If my gay friends want to join the dumbest, most failing institution on the planet they are welcome to as far as I’m concerned – it’s just the right thing to do but it doesn’t affect the majority of the population.  Anyway we’ll get it at the Plebiscite anyway – it’ll just cost more – good Liberal policy!


Private sector education and VET Fee help has been the subject of millions of dollars of rorts so needs fixing. But instead of fixing the system Labor’s policy is to cap loans at $8k pa.


So think this through… All of the rorts that happened under the old system would still have happened, the costs would just have been contained.

Nobody in their right mind could think that’s good Policy.


So when I say Labor needs to come up with good policy I seriously mean it.


Another win because “not Liberal” will have this country wandering the wilderness for another three years with lack of leadership and vision.


So this is a shout out to “my” party to get their act together.


Policy should be at the heart of EVERY Parliamentary Party.


Simple as that.


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