Dream Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List

Peter Spann at 53Peter Spann
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Peter Spann at 53

Peter Spann at 53 – always get weighed naked and other life lessons     Peter Spann at 53 – and feeling fine.  First let me say I don’t feel 53.  I know many of you will relate to this.  I don’t know what 53 is…
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I Don’t Want to Die

“I don’t want to die!” screamed Robert at a decibel level that shook the entire ward. Bob was now convinced that the doctors were trying to kill him through the air-conditioning and by not giving him the drugs (he thought) he needed. I…

Just Admit It, You’re A Tourist

The concept of travelling like a local introduced be AirBNB (I think their actual slogan is “belong anywhere”) is stupid to me.   Don’t kid yourself, if you were a local you’d be up at 6am, grabbing a coffee, getting on public…
Peter Spann 2018 Wrap
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Peter Spann 2018 Wrap

For a Peter Spann 2018 Wrap, it’s been a big year, and by and large, a good year.   If 2017 was all about reflection 2018 has been about taking stock moving on. Life has a way of rolling on.  It never stops, it never slows down. …
Sydney Opera House by Ethan Ou on UnsplashEthan Ou
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Sydney Personal Favourites

Sydney is my favourite city in the world. It has amazing experiences for travellers and locals alike. The trick to Sydney is getting deep into it and trying to be there an experience it like a local. Here are my tips: Eat! Australia…
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Love Reflections

Love...  What do I know of love? What can I say that you have not already experienced for yourselves or have far greater insights on than me? And the answer is simply, “nothing”. Love is the one and only universal experience. Love is…
Peter Spann 2017 Update Directing
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Peter Spann 2017 Update So Far

Here's my Peter Spann 2017 Update So Far. 2017 has been an exciting year so far for Peter Spann. Firstly, and most importantly I've been working on my new film, "Surfer Girl". This exciting coming of age drama was filmed in Byron…

What will happen now Trump is President?

Ok, so here’s the most likely scenario with Trump as President… Trump starts in office and tries to implement his corner stone policies which on the surface the Republican Party will support and the Democrats will try to block. But…
Peter Spann's Italy

Italy dreamin!

Italy is my favourite place on the planet!  And who wouldn’t be dreaming about an Italian summer holiday and everything that implies. And this little article is the opposite of those "how to do Italy on $10 a day" type things.  It's more... How…
2016 You Can Go Now

Peter Spann 2016 or 2016 You Can Go Now.

Well Peter Spann 2016 wasn't the best.  It’s easy to write off 2016 as a crap year for most of us.  But there have been great things too. And you don’t often hear me complaining – I certainly try to maintain a sunny disposition…