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My 7 Point Plan to Fix Qantas if I were CEO

My 7 Point Plan to Fix Qantas if I were CEO   1. Team re-engagement Happy staff = happy customers = happy profits = happy shareholders – let’s keep that formula in mind from now on. Every staff cut I make I reduce my salary and the salaries of the top 100 paid people in the […]


What Price Your Milk?

In my seminars I make the joke that you don’t ring your valuer every 5 minutes to ask them the price of your house to illustrate how silly it is to monitor your share investments on such a regular basis and yet when ever a share goes down by more than about a cent our […]

Relationships – yes or no?

Last weekend I ended up at a relationships retreat. Don’t ask me why because currently I am unattached (applications welcome). And I’ve got to say there wasn’t much in the way of advertising for getting married or having children! Seriously though I have seen enough great relationships to know that it’s possible. OK, so they […]

Are you thinking rich or thinking poor?

The biggest issue people have right now is not that the markets are volatile, not that the economy is a mess and not that they might have lost money, it’s that people aren’t thinking rich. They are letting fear drive their decisions when opportunity abounds.” One of the most important things we can do to propel our […]

What You Can Learn from these Wealthy Folk

Forbes and BRW are both publishing their annual “Rich Lists” They make fascinating reading for people who are interested in investing, building their wealth and creating financial freedom. The super-rich are different from most people – and not just because they have more money. High-functioning and super competitive, they are known for favouring private jets, […]