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No Shortcuts

It’s 6am… It’s cold and wet… It’s Redfern – Sydney’s crime central… It’s aboriginals & police facing off… It’s boxing and there’s No Shortcuts The indigenous children of Redfern are 24 times more likely to be jailed than non-indigenous Australian children.  Indigenous children account for 6 per cent of Australia’s total youth population, but amount […]

Director: Peter Spann

“The Clapper said, “Director: Peter Spann, and I get to call “Action”.  But I’ve gotta say the first time I heard the (16mm film) camera turn over and make that little clicking sound I let it roll for a few seconds because I knew I would never hear that glorious sound for the first time ever again! […]

Lest we…

ANZAC day is always a difficult one for me.   I am grateful for the courage, determination, and sacrifice of our military.   I am also grateful to the military where I learnt to fly.   When I was younger I used to put on my uniform (not that it would fit today) and attend […]

Election 2016

Most people would have no idea that I am a 40 year supporter of the Labor Party.   My family were heavy hitting Union members who called each other Comrade, my Uncle a leading member of the Party in Qld. I grew up in the ideology. So much so that over the years I have […]

A Final Goodbye

My mother died peacefully in the early hours of the morning of her 89th birthday, alone but painlessly. Hopefully she will find the peace in death that escaped her in this life. There are few greater gifts than being adopted and raised with love by someone as their own & I never doubted that I […]


I just realised I have the same relationship with IKEA as I do with KFC. Like I know it’s both shit and I can go for a year or more without thinking about or wanting KFC (IKEA) then I have a brain snap and think “I need to get me some of that Southern (Scandinavian) […]


730 Response

The substance of the story run tonight is very sad, and it impacted a lot of people in a lot of ways. I feel deeply for those people who genuinely lost significant sums they could not afford to. If I could go back in time and do it differently I would, but we genuinely believed […]