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Peter Spann 2018 Update So Far

Here’s my Peter Spann 2018 Update So Far Peter Spann 2018 has been a very busy year so far. Early in the year I took a moment to evaluate.  If you follow along these posts you will know the most important thing in my life is my friends.  Followed close behind by making Peter Spann […]

Peter Spann 2017 Reflections

So, Peter Spann 2017 – I really feel its been a turnaround year for me. I have been feeling healthy, been a lot happier, been getting good results with my clients and made two films. So definitely progress. 2011 to 2016 were just one nightmare after another and I still haven’t fully recovered from those […]

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Peter Spann 2017 Update So Far

Here’s my Peter Spann 2017 Update So Far. 2017 has been an exciting year so far for Peter Spann. Firstly, and most importantly I’ve been working on my new film, “Surfer Girl“. This exciting coming of age drama was filmed in Byron Bay in April 2017 and after cyclones, last minute cast reshuffles and budget […]

Goodbye Australia Day #changethedate

Artist: Mona Mckenzie  Represented by Jitta Art Anyone who knows me knows I love being Australian and, in the past, celebrating Australia Day. I mean it stands for something, doesn’t it? Larrikinism, mateship, openness, generosity, friendliness, giving a helping hand. And as mates, if one of us is suffering we do everything we can to […]

Do not feed the Phish!

Today, according to my junk emails I: Have $10,000 waiting to be deposited into my account; Won a $500 gift voucher from Woolworths for completing a 5 minute survey which included giving my bank account details (for the deposit of course); I need a new Medicare supplemental account; Have sensitive teeth; Am one of 50 […]


What will happen now Trump is President?

Ok, so here’s the most likely scenario with Trump as President… Trump starts in office and tries to implement his corner stone policies which on the surface the Republican Party will support and the Democrats will try to block. But my friends, people are forgetting this is POLITICS!  Not business, not reality TV.  It is […]


Italy dreamin!

Italy is my favourite place on the planet!  And who wouldn’t be dreaming about an Italian summer holiday and everything that implies. And this little article is the opposite of those “how to do Italy on $10 a day” type things.  It’s more… How to blow the budget and have the best trip to Italy […]

50 years!  Man, where the fuck did that go?

Just seems like yesterday that we were in Florence at my gloriously extravagant 40th birthday party.  8 course dinner, the three tenors, fireworks and being shut down by the Carabinieri – I mean a party isn’t a party unless the coppers pull the plug now is it?   And it’s not like I’ve mucked around […]