The biggest issue people have right now is not that the markets are volatile, not that the economy is a mess and not that they might have lost money, it’s that people aren’t thinking rich. They are letting fear drive their decisions when opportunity abounds.”

One of the most important things we can do to propel our personal success is to get our mindset right.  To take advantage of the current economy not be afraid of it.  To resurrect our finances and thrive and not be fearful of the future.

There are fundamental differences in the way wealthy people think and act – and how that sets them apart and brings abundance.  We describe it as the ability to literally “think yourself rich”.

Let’s face it most of the world is panicking, and just about everybody else has been hit in the hip pocket somehow, but the rich are readying themselves for opportunity – for example Warren Buffett has invested $130 Billion in the last few months.   That’s pretty good evidence that the rich think differently to normal people.

And the amazing thing is you can learn to think rich.  Yes, it is a different mind-set but you can start to train yourself to “Think Rich” immediately.

My favourite “must read” on the topic is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  I highly recommend that you clink on the link at the right and get a copy for yourself.  This book changed my life.

If you are thinking rich at the moment you’ll be excited about the opportunities that are being presented in the market, you’ll have a defined plan to dig yourself out of any financial woes that have been presented to you, you’ll have simple but powerful goals aligned to your purpose, you’ll be positive about your future, you’ll be looking for ways to increase your income.

Remember, there were more millionaires created during the Great Depression than any other time in history and yet there was more poverty then to – the difference?  Thinking rich or thing poor.

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