Anxious Millennials are Everywhere.

Millennials are an anxious lot.

I understand. I suffer my fair share of anxiety these days.

And when you couple that with the rise in suicide it starts to become a real problem.  The overall suicide rate in 2015 was 12.6 per 100,000 in Australia. This is the highest rate in 10-plus years

I think it all comes from uncertainty.

When you’ve been raised to believe you can do anything, you are wonderful, amazing, unique and beautiful and the world will accept you just the way you are, it has to be an incredibly harsh reality when you discover that might not be 100% true.


Parents have always tried to give their children a better life than they have.  My era saw our fathers work their butts off to provide for their family creating a whole generation of men providing material sustenance to their wives and children who turned out not to want it as much as a genuine hug and a tuned in ear.

So my peers decided to raise their children a different way.

Now, it’s hard for me to argue one way or the other as I don’t have children, but I do see things like parents trying to reason with toddlers, which is  quite silly because children don’t even develop reasoning skills until they are 5 or 6.

What they have is really good mimicking and intuitive manipulation skills, so an unaware parent thinks they are responding to their reasoning when really all that’s going on is the child is manipulating the situation to their desired outcome.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Millennials

In film I work with Millennials every day, I have a great deal of respect for their tolerance, intelligence, and ethics but really have to question how they have been raised when seeing how anxious they are, how difficult it is for them to be assertive amongst their peers and how much they crave engagement.  Don’t get me wrong we all crave those things in some way and I do love my twenty-somethings but I couldn’t imagine going through it all again.

Giving into the Social Fakery

Everyone knows Social Media is fake and yet so many young people are obsessed on how they are viewed, seen and reacted to even though they take the time to manipulate their own social image on line.

And it’s getting worse.  The American Psychiatric Association Public Opinion Poll shows that Millennials are the most anxious of any generation.

Their education and the way they were raised has made them not want traditional job roles (even if they still existed), yet they have not been prepared mentally to cope with the lack of security that comes with that.



So they crave roots, nostalgically looking to past eras (1970’s, 1980’s) and craving the security of their own home even though that is out of reach.  But it’s a two edged sword.  Houses are no more or less affordable than when their parents wanted to buy, just their parents were prepared to travel further for work, make more sacrifices to save up and live more frugally to get their goals.

Travel is a nightmare

Even travel is a nightmare now.  Millennials travel more than their parents ever did with cheap airfares and easy access to the globe and yet there has never been a time when travel was so homogenised.

When I lived in Byron Bay people always asked me for the local secrets.  I’d reply, “What secrets?”  Even if there was something that no one knew about it would soon be found, Instagrammed and the hordes would follow.

I think these days the time period between secret travel destination, discovery and hordes is about three years.  That’s how fast news travels and social media makes it accessible.   I mean nobody went to Iceland 5 years ago, now everyone has been there and it’s almost passé.

And what’s worse is, while Instagram seems so clever, like every part of the internet before it, the only difference between having to sit through someone’s insufferable news feed and a slide show my parent’s friends who travelled forced us to view is speed.

How does anyone deal with this?

So when you’re worried about your job, your future, your lack of security, when every move you make is photographed, videoed, recorded and posted, and manipulated, when you don’t know what is true or fake and when even when you think that you’ve found something new in this fast paced world you realise a million people have found it before you, it must be incredibly hard to adjust.

I worry much more than I ever did.  About my health and my future and money and all those things I thought were silly to worry about when I was younger.  So I can’t imagine how tough it would be to be 20 and dealing with all this as well.


Anxious Millennials


I love them, the Millennials, and they are still our golden haired (brown haired, black haired, you know what I mean) rainbow gods and goddesses sprinkled with unicorn dust.


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Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

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