My mother died peacefully in the early hours of the morning of her 89th birthday, alone but painlessly.

Hopefully she will find the peace in death that escaped her in this life.

There are few greater gifts than being adopted and raised with love by someone as their own & I never doubted that I was her world.

She said that I was so beautiful as a child that she was terrified God would take me from her.

She was the one who was always there for me, always backed me.

My childhood was magical – living in paradise and loving every moment.

Her life didn’t live up to her expectations – but really that was no fault of hers. When she succumbed disease took her away from me long before death did.

All credit to my brother who cared for her with patience and dedication over the last decade.

The church repaid her devotion in the end with lovely women visiting her every other day.

The end came so swiftly I doubt I could have done anything or even made up for my missed phone call last week – she always seemed super happy to hear from her “prodigal son”.

Her interest was always why I didn’t have a girlfriend and if I was saying my Hail Mary’s?

The spring flowers I ordered for her birthday would still be sitting at her door a metaphor for her life – beauty wasted.

Go in peace mother.

Three Hail Marys are in the post and I promise I’ll get going on the girl soon!

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