With the right knowledge and skills, you could build a portfolio of properties that could fast-track your way to financial freedom!

In 21 hours of intense learning downloadable and viewable on-line at your leisure Peter Spann shares with you everything he has learnt over 30 years of property market investment, all the tricks and traps, all the insider knowledge, all the fast track secrets, all the information and motivation you will need to embark on your own highly successful investment journey designed to set you up for life.

Learn more…

  • The 3 keys to profiting from property right now
  • Value adding through innovative methodologies
  • How to get into property with little or NO money down
  • What exactly drives property prices
  • How to get the very best rental returns
  • Minimise the risk of vacancy
  • How to select suburbs that are likely to provide capital growth
  • How to select between off-the-plan, new completed, refurbished, “used” or full renovation project style properties
  • The best way to buy properties (auction, private treaty, or direct)
  • How to make offers and structure an agreement to buy property with extended settlements, minimum deposits or fire-sale prices
  • How to outsmart real estate agents and auctioneers at their own game
  • How to best use the equity in your property portfolio (this is a “biggie” for many people)
  • How to select properties to renovate for enormous profits
  • How to do cheap renovations (often less than $20,000) on investment properties that can increase your rental returns by as much as 50%
  • How to create “instant equity”
  • How one investor acquired $3.4 Million of property with only $45,000 down
  • How Peter managed to buy 17 investment properties, all valued at a minimum of $187,000 by putting in no more than $45,000 of his own money and working on it just 2 days a week
  • Beating the Banks – get better finance and use OPM (Other People’s Money) to build your investment strategy
  • How to negotiate deals to save interest
  • Get all the features you need in a mortgage – redraw, line of credit, interest offset
  • How to make money from property in the post GFC world
  • How to make the best use of traditional, private and mezzanine funding
  • How to develop a multipronged value adding approach to maximise capital gain
  • How to pick top performing property
  • Making money out of rezoning
  • How to effectively use property options
  • Keys of Deal or No Deal – feasibility studies and how to use them
  • How to gain zero cost tax deductions
  • Why timing the sale of an asset (shares, property, or a business) is crucial
  • How to “capitalise” losses and turn them into tax benefits
  • Negative gearing strategies which will lower taxable income and enlist the support of the tax office in your personal quest for wealth
  • Positive gearing strategies that will have your property paying you from day one
  • What to do in a sideways or falling market
  • How to handle a high interest rate, low growth environment
  • Generating more cash flow without having to invest in regional areas
  • How to increase rental yield in all your properties
  • How to showcase property for sale or rent to boost return
  • Why design flair as a critical factor in success and how to get it
  • Ways to increase your returns by working smarter not harder
  • Know when to buy and when to stop buying;
  • Plan your projects and budgets and feasibilities;
  • Harness the fundamentals of property presentation and styling;
  • Maximise your returns either in capital gain or income returns; and much more.

If you’ve been thinking about buying, selling or doing work on a property, don’t do anything until you’ve participated in this world class education – it could mean tens of thousands of dollars to you!

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