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Peter Spann builds Market dominating cash flow machines attracting high value clients from automated lead generation, feeding into systemised high performance delivery processes, building profit and capital value for owners.


Peter Spann writes Powerful Emotional Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing for your business that sells, builds your brand, enhances SEO, entices repeat business, excites your customers and creates cash flow from Australia’s $ Billion Copywriter.


Peter Spann teaches On-line training programs for people who want to succeed in business, investing in shares and property and achieve a level of financial freedom quicker and safer than doing it on their own, providing every resource necessary to succeed.


Shift your future into high gear!  Join an exclusive group of serious ‘players’ personally coached by Peter Spann. Demonstrate your commitment to high performance in every aspect of your life by joining this intense one-on-one program.

Let them come!!!

My dislike and hatred of mandatory detention for refugees seeking asylum is well known for both humanitairan and economic reasons.   John Howard made asylum seekers (specifically those arriving by boat) a swing issue to win an election. …
Peter Spann Ferrari Monte Carlo
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Viva Ferrari!

OK, if it's one thing I know, I know Ferrari's... I have yet to meet anyone quite so stubborn as myself and animated by this overpowering passion that leaves me no time for thought or anything else. I have, in fact, no interest in life…
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Peter Spann’s Property Investment Melbourne – Where to Buy   All the indicators point to the early stages of a boom for property investment Melbourne.  Canny investors can take advantage of lower prices now and ride the wave to the top.   Hot…

My 7 Point Plan to Fix Qantas if I were CEO

My 7 Point Plan to Fix Qantas if I were CEO (And only a staff cut of one necessary) 1. Team re-engagement Happy staff = happy customers = happy profits = happy shareholders - let's keep that formula in mind from now on. Every staff…

Is this the beginning of a new property growth wave in Australia?

  By Peter Spann Recently I've been noticing a significant pick up in sales activity in Sydney, particularly in lifestyle suburbs. Seems anything that's listed sells quickly and anecdotally people are talking about growth rates…

What Price Your Milk?

In my seminars I make the joke that you don’t ring your valuer every 5 minutes to ask them the price of your house to illustrate how silly it is to monitor your share investments on such a regular basis and yet when ever a share goes down…

Relationships – yes or no?

Last weekend I ended up at a relationships retreat. Don’t ask me why because currently I am unattached (applications welcome). And I’ve got to say there wasn’t much in the way of advertising for getting married or having children! Seriously…

Are you thinking rich or thinking poor?

The biggest issue people have right now is not that the markets are volatile, not that the economy is a mess and not that they might have lost money, it’s that people aren't thinking rich. They are letting fear drive their decisions when…

Dream as if you’ll live forever…

Live as if you’ll die today.”

– James Dean 

“This seminar was a real eye opener for me. I found it very interesting and it filled me with knowledge. Thank you for a great experience.” 

Michael Furst

“The seminar was full of great information, with fantastic insight and teachings. Peter, as always the full-frontal approach is educating and entertaining.”

Charles Harb

 “I’m inspired by Peter, because in spite of any adversity and challenges thrown at him, he absolutely can overcome it.”

Melinda Roberts

“Peter’s relaxed, informal and honest way of educating was again terrific!”

Nick Rylands

“The whole event was awesome. I learnt more than I ever could have imagined. Peter is inspirational.”

Perry Varley

“Loved the honest advice, straight talking, practice what you preach, moral approach to your work.”

Simon Muddell

“Very funny, light hearted and entertaining. Very educational and not too difficult to understand or get the key principles.”

Brent Dowling

“Thanks for your inspiring and motivating lessons on life.”

Michael Phillips
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