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Peter Spann builds Market dominating cash flow machines attracting high value clients from automated lead generation, feeding into systemised high performance delivery processes, building profit and capital value for owners.


Peter Spann writes Powerful Emotional Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing for your business that sells, builds your brand, enhances SEO, entices repeat business, excites your customers and creates cash flow from Australia’s $ Billion Copywriter.


Peter Spann teaches On-line training programs for people who want to succeed in business, investing in shares and property and achieve a level of financial freedom quicker and safer than doing it on their own, providing every resource necessary to succeed.


Shift your future into high gear!  Join an exclusive group of serious ‘players’ personally coached by Peter Spann. Demonstrate your commitment to high performance in every aspect of your life by joining this intense one-on-one program.


730 Response

The substance of the story run tonight is very sad, and it impacted a lot of people in a lot of ways. I feel deeply for those people who genuinely lost significant sums they could not afford to. If I could go back in time and do it differently…
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The Magic of Compounding

Knowing that my wealthy friend would expect me to look the part I bought the snazziest pair of tweed pants, bright shirt and beret with a pom pom on it that I could find.  I wasn’t quite sure whether I looked like a pro or a pimp, and as…

The Key to Wealth - Part 1

“So, what is the key to wealth?” I had to ask my wealthy friend after our conversation had seemed to go on forever without him getting to the point. His answer was so simple, it almost escaped me. At the time I didn’t realise…
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A Final Apology, the Gift of Forgiveness and Letting Go

It has been 7 years since the GFC hit, decimating many people’s investments, including about 3,000 of my 14,000 odd clients.  It created difficult times for some.   And I apologise, without reservation for the role that I or my companies…

Getting Married Young

I have, over the past few years, become a big proponent of both getting married AND having children young (even though and perhaps because I did neither). I see no benefit in the arguments for waiting, controversially, especially for women. I…

The Key to Wealth Part 2 - Knowledge Applied

In my book "Wealth Magic" I explain the Key to Wealth - Knowledge Applied. In my property book, "How You Could Build a $10Million Property Portfolio in Just Ten Years" I expand on the topic.  Here is an extract for you.  You can find…
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5 Great TED talks and what they taught me (about presenting) 

by Peter Spann 18 minutes isn't long but TED talks have made a massive difference in that time. If you are not familiar you get 18 minutes to give the "speech of your life". And they are very strict on that time limit.  And they are renowned…

My iPhone has stopped working (Investing risk and loss)

by Peter Spann Who’d a thunk, but my iPhone has completely died.  And it’s only 3 weeks old! Isn’t Apple always banging on about how easy their stuff is to use, how it’s plug and play, and how it doesn’t get glitches and viruses? Well…

Dream as if you’ll live forever…

Live as if you’ll die today.”

– James Dean 

“This seminar was a real eye opener for me. I found it very interesting and it filled me with knowledge. Thank you for a great experience.” 

Michael Furst

“The seminar was full of great information, with fantastic insight and teachings. Peter, as always the full-frontal approach is educating and entertaining.”

Charles Harb

 “I’m inspired by Peter, because in spite of any adversity and challenges thrown at him, he absolutely can overcome it.”

Melinda Roberts

“Peter’s relaxed, informal and honest way of educating was again terrific!”

Nick Rylands

“The whole event was awesome. I learnt more than I ever could have imagined. Peter is inspirational.”

Perry Varley

“Loved the honest advice, straight talking, practice what you preach, moral approach to your work.”

Simon Muddell

“Very funny, light hearted and entertaining. Very educational and not too difficult to understand or get the key principles.”

Brent Dowling

“Thanks for your inspiring and motivating lessons on life.”

Michael Phillips
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