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Peter Spann builds Market dominating cash flow machines attracting high value clients from automated lead generation, feeding into systemised high performance delivery processes, building profit and capital value for owners.


Peter Spann writes Powerful Emotional Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing for your business that sells, builds your brand, enhances SEO, entices repeat business, excites your customers and creates cash flow from Australia’s $ Billion Copywriter.


Peter Spann teaches On-line training programs for people who want to succeed in business, investing in shares and property and achieve a level of financial freedom quicker and safer than doing it on their own, providing every resource necessary to succeed.


Shift your future into high gear!  Join an exclusive group of serious ‘players’ personally coached by Peter Spann. Demonstrate your commitment to high performance in every aspect of your life by joining this intense one-on-one program.

Peter Spann 2017 Update Directing
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Peter Spann 2017 Update So Far

Here's my Peter Spann 2017 Update So Far. 2017 has been an exciting year so far for Peter Spann. Firstly, and most importantly I've been working on my new film, "Surfer Girl". This exciting coming of age drama was filmed in Byron…
Australia Day #changethedate

Goodbye Australia Day #changethedate

Artist: Mona Mckenzie  Represented by Jitta Art Anyone who knows me knows I love being Australian and, in the past, celebrating Australia Day. I mean it stands for something, doesn’t it? Larrikinism, mateship, openness, generosity,…

Do not feed the Phish!

Today, according to my junk emails I: Have $10,000 waiting to be deposited into my account; Won a $500 gift voucher from Woolworths for completing a 5 minute survey which included giving my bank account details (for the deposit of course); …

What will happen now Trump is President?

Ok, so here’s the most likely scenario with Trump as President… Trump starts in office and tries to implement his corner stone policies which on the surface the Republican Party will support and the Democrats will try to block. But…
Peter Spann's Italy

Italy dreamin!

Italy is my favourite place on the planet!  And who wouldn’t be dreaming about an Italian summer holiday and everything that implies. And this little article is the opposite of those "how to do Italy on $10 a day" type things.  It's more... How…
2016 You Can Go Now

Reflections on an interesting year or 2016 You Can Go Now.

It’s easy to write off 2016 as a crap year for most of us.  But there have been great things too. And you don’t often hear me complaining – I certainly try to maintain a sunny disposition but that’s not always possible. Personally,…

American friends – you should vote for Hillary even if you hate her.

By now you're probably weary with this election and annoyed at those of us on the other side of the world telling you how to vote, but this is a world defining election.  What you do today, how you vote, affects us all, so please consider your…

50 years!  Man, where the fuck did that go?

Just seems like yesterday that we were in Florence at my gloriously extravagant 40th birthday party.  8 course dinner, the three tenors, fireworks and being shut down by the Carabinieri – I mean a party isn’t a party unless the coppers…

Dream as if you’ll live forever…

Live as if you’ll die today.”

– James Dean 

“This seminar was a real eye opener for me. I found it very interesting and it filled me with knowledge. Thank you for a great experience.” 

Michael Furst

“The seminar was full of great information, with fantastic insight and teachings. Peter, as always the full-frontal approach is educating and entertaining.”

Charles Harb

 “I’m inspired by Peter, because in spite of any adversity and challenges thrown at him, he absolutely can overcome it.”

Melinda Roberts

“Peter’s relaxed, informal and honest way of educating was again terrific!”

Nick Rylands

“The whole event was awesome. I learnt more than I ever could have imagined. Peter is inspirational.”

Perry Varley

“Loved the honest advice, straight talking, practice what you preach, moral approach to your work.”

Simon Muddell

“Very funny, light hearted and entertaining. Very educational and not too difficult to understand or get the key principles.”

Brent Dowling

“Thanks for your inspiring and motivating lessons on life.”

Michael Phillips
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